Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Time To Concieve For Extra Ordinary Child

Hi you must have heard about the episode that astro uncle programme was aired few days back and it was apprised about time to concieve and bear an extra ordinatry child. As some of the dates has elapsed and one such time is still available which is one 26 DEC 2008.

As told by asro uncle this time is still there if you did not see the program. IT IS ON 26 DEC 2008 from
2332 (26 DECEMBER 2008) to 0150 hours on 27 december 2008. This time of about little lest than 2 & 1/2 hours is really wonderful. As Pawan Sinha told that any mother conceiving between this time or bearing a child will be an extra ordinary child. If you are planning for a chind you can plan you pregnancy during this time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Astro Uncle : Tez Astro Uncle

Astro Uncle : Tez Astro Uncle
I am a big fan of Tez Astro Uncle a program aired on TEZ channe lowned by The great thing about Mr. Pawan Sinha aks Astro Uncle explains about astrology in very interesting way. His methods are very scientific and simple. They are very effective. I personally applied many methods suggested by astro uncle and benefited from them. Astro Uncle is explaining astrology in very lucid and beautiful manner. This program has become super-duper hit in very short span of time. I rarely watch TV but my wife watches a lot. But now after seeing Astro Uncle program alsog with my wife I also glued to TV at time when this program is aired on TV. I wish great success to Astro Uncle and Tez Channer for sponsoring such a beautiful program.
I will try to update about Astro Uncle Program but it is better if you can watch the program on TV. You will enjoy this program.